Announcing: Dead TrailZ got Greenlit

For more than a year we’ve been working on a strategic FPS based on a prototype we did for the “The Walking Dead” game jam. We put a very early version up on Steam Greenlight* and got hammered by the Steam Community for the placeholder art we used in the prototype. Deservedly so.

The good news is the community did like the gameplay we introduced and quietly, while we enjoyed a nice run with Fighter Physics, voted our campaign up until it unexpectedly got greenlit last week.

Needless to say we are extremely happy about this. And we are throwing our full weight behind it to make it a respectable Steam title. Very happy with the gameplay and tester feedback so far, working on graphics.

And we settled on a name: Dead TrailZ

It nicely hints at an aspect of the game we really like. You need to predict his path real time with the info the map gives you and adjust your strategy to keep his way clear aka zombie-free.

* I’m putting this link out very reluctantly. This is not imposter syndrome, this is me knowing just how bad some of the material was. And what you see there is already better than the first round :)

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